Ahem…well this is getting embarrassing. What kind of “blogger” doesn’t publish a single post for almost a month? This one.  Thank you for sticking with me!   It’s been a while since I posted but it’s because lately, over on my end, it’s been a whirlwind!


My Brother’s Bar Mitzvah:

If you have ever had a child, sibling, friend or cousin who’s had a bar mitzvah you know HOW. MUCH. WORK.  they are. The weeks leading up to the big day are filled with cooking, cleaning, practicing, planning and if you are the candidate lots of prayer and nerves. It can be even more work if you are hosting the party at your home and you have out of town guests coming to stay (hypothetically speaking of course).  It’s basically like a small wedding.

This day, is THE  most special day in a kids life. In fact, it’s the day that child become a man or woman, spiritually speaking and accountable for his/her actions before the Lord. On September 3rd that day came for my little brother.  Witnessing and taking part in my dear siblings day was such an honor. I couldn’t be more proud of him! He read his portion so well and  he delivered his commentary with such poise.  It was such a joyous occasion for my family and it will be a day we will always remember.

The Party:



Of course we had to celebrate how my brother nailed ( yep, I’m totally bragging) his ceremony with a music themed party. From giant piano key banners, vinyl LP records shaped into balloons mounted on wall, LP record center pieces, to musical note ribbons the room really came together well.  The menu my mother picked out was awesome and she planned all the tiny details right down to the texture of the paper napkins. My dad worked countless hours on building the most beautiful farm table (getting ready to share it in an upcoming post) and fixing our deck, as well as helping pull the outdoor  decorations together.   Over all this party was a team effort and it was a delightful time!

Finally, to wrap up the day we went and had an “epic” tactical laser tag battle. Lets just say my brother’s team won by a large margin and everyone had a blast.


Stone Mountain.:



Two weekends in a row, I went on Stone Mountain adventures. The first included a ride on the tram up to the top of the mountain. Although the “ride” was quite cumbersome, the view was worth it.  It was a wonderful feeling having the wind blow against your face and the sun shine on you.

While up there, I was reminded of something that I forget to share but have wanted to for some time.  Looking down from that mountain, objects that normally appear so large and impressive suddenly looked like little specks or mere children’s toys.   I think the obstacles and challenges in our lives are very similar to those objects. While we are in the midst of them, they seem so impossible to overcome, so impressive, but when compared to God’s power and love they really are nothing in light of eternity.  One day, when we get to the top and overcome them, we will look back and smile because our perspective will have changed. Then, we will see them through God’s perspective and be in awe!

My second escapade was to the annual “Blue Daisy Festival.”  One of my friend’s invited me to join her and it was a lot of fun! Since it was an arts and crafts festival, there were plenty of opportunities for taking pictures and finding inspiration. In fact, one of my personal favorites was an antique silver spoon jewelry booth. With spoons dating back to the 1700s, I was quite fascinated by the patterns and intricate details.  The foodie in me was quite happy with the spoon ring I purchased!


Currently, I’m trying to figure out how to get my life organized in order to make sure everything gets done.  As I’m sure you are well aware, I’m quite the procrastinator but rest assured things are getting into a rhythm and I’m learning to dance in time! My favorite subject is British Literature and we are reading Beowulf.  While the book is a bit difficult to get through, I’m enjoying reading and analyzing it.  Reading ancient works such as this one gives the reader a glimpse into what the world was like at that time.  It’s sort of like time travel, except it’s a lot easier to come back home.


These past couple of weeks have been great at my studio. The classes are challenging and the new teachers and setup are wonderful.  One thing that is new this year, is that one of our studios doesn’t have a mirror because our studio director wants us to learn how to dance without depending on one.  This may sound like an easy task, but as dancers we get used to relying on it. When we aren’t taking class with a mirror it forces us to really  have to think and feel the proper placement and alignment of our bodies. While, it’s definitely been challenging, I think we are growing and will dance more easily on stage because we no longer will miss or need the mirror.


Obviously I couldn’t write a post without mentioning food! So, as of late my mom has gently been reminding that i need to be more disciplined and methodical about the food I eat. This past weekend, I also attended a studio meeting where the same message was repeated by a great nutritionalist.  Let me be clear, I am in no way being told to diet in order to lose weight.   As an athlete, though, it’s vital to make sure that my body is getting the type of nutrition it needs in order to function at its best.  As dancers we want our bodies to be happy with us!

At the meeting, I learned that dancers should be consuming more protein at breakfast and lunch, while dinner should be lighter on the protein. I also learned that dancers should eat at least 90 minutes before they dance that way their bodies have time to digest their food.

If, we want to our bodies to reach the professional level we need to be disciplined about our choices. Personally, I need to drink a lot more water, eat more protein and cut back on my sugar and gluten intake. This means that my “Foodie Stop” posts are going to reflect that change. I’m already working on some good treats, and healthy recipes to share with you! It is my goal to really work on eating ‘clean” these next couple weeks that way when I have my non GF caramel apple pie at Thanksgiving, I won’t feel so bad. 🙂  I’m hoping that you will find these recipes delicious but also helpful to keeping your body healthy!

Whew, well, that was an unbearably long post but I had so much to share! Thanks for listening and get ready for some recipes and some exciting ballet related news!

ps. The images of the Bar Mizvah and party are not my own. They were taken by our wonderful photographer Jen Brooker! Go check out her work at Portrait Atlanta!





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