A couple of months ago, my teacher gave us the assignment to try our hand at poetry for our creative writing class.  I wrote one poem that rhymed pretty well, but it sounded really forced.  Then I started thinking about why I dance, what it means to me and why I love it.  I started thinking of the questions others, including myself have asked in regards to what the point is of all the hard work for just 3 minutes on stage. Before I knew it, there was a poem in front of me, on my desk that I actually liked and felt good about turning in to my teacher.

I hope that you enjoy this poem, and don’t think me to silly for posting this!:-)



What’s the Pointe?

By: Sophia D.


What’s the point?

Some might say.

Why do you strive

For perfection even

Though it can never be attained?


What’s the point?

Of all the pain, the struggle

The tears? Sore muscles, aches

And blisters?


What’s the point?

They say of hours, days, weeks ,months

And years of practice for so

Brief a moment on stage?


And I say to them.

What’s the point to life

Without beauty?


What if in one of those brief

And fleeting moments on stage

I can remind someone of

All that’s good and beautiful

In the world, in spite of the pain,rejection

Sorrow and ugliness it contains.



Isn’t that the point of art,

Music and life?

To bring beauty

And a taste of heaven

No matter how

Small to this sad world?


The point is, in those long

Hours of dancing with sore

Muscles and being exhausted

I’m working towards a goal.


Who cares if I never reach it,

If it’s too lofty a goal or

If it can never be attained. At

Least I tried, reached, struggled

And gave it my all!


That’s the point of dance.





6 comments on “What’s the Pointe?”

  1. What a beautiful poem, Sophia! It expresses perfectly why we work so hard every day! I am going to print it out and hang it up as a reminder and motivation for me every day.

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