Hello! Hope everyone had a great week and is enjoying their summer so far.  As you know, each week I look for a random piece of inspiration to share with you, my dear readers. This week, I had no idea what to write. There wasn’t anything that really stood out to me as worthy of a blog post. Thankfully, inspiration struck, today, after seeing ” Alice Through the Looking Glass.”

In case any of you are debating whether or not to see it…GO SEE IT! If you enjoyed the first one, then you will love this one. Yes, it’s based entirely on impossible fantasy, but that is what makes these movies so great.  I’m not going to go deep into the plot and ruin everything for you, but I will talk about one thing…TIME.

In the story, Time is an actual character.  At first Alice believes that Time is a villain without mercy, he is a friend to no one, a thief who takes what isn’t his. However, at the end she has a different perspective. She learns that time gives of himself  with extreme generosity. Every year, month, week, day, minute, and second is a gift that Time chooses to share.

Even though this is a fictional story, it can teach us a few valuable lessons.  We go about our daily lives, sometimes in a daze, rushing from one appointment to another, from one show to the next, from one season to a different one. Sometimes tragedy, or an unexpected event will shake us out of our daze and we, in turn, will shake our fists at the fact that someone, or something’s time on earth was so short.

Before we know it, years will have flown by. Kids will be playing with dolls one moment and then the next they will be leaving for college. Saplings will have grown into full trees, buildings will have been built and soon after they will decay. Suddenly we look up and realize how time has slipped by.

The movie today reminded me of how easy it is to take the time that God has given us for granted. Time is so very precious, and should be used until you’ve gotten the very last drop out of it. Personally, I want to live my life to it’s fullest extent. I want to live it without regrets of ” what could have been,” I want to try new things even if they are intimidating, and explore the world. I want to use my time wisely, but joyfully. My mom always tells me to just enjoy the moment I’m in, because I will never get it back.

Today, I will leave you with this quote. “You only live once, but if you do it right once is enough.” – Wes.  Remember to always appreciate time, it’s a gift!

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