Take care of your body, a teacher told me, along with my classmates recently.  This sounds like such a simple statement and yet we as dancers find it so challenging.   Why? I honestly have no idea.  I tend to roll out, and ice usually when I’m sore and the pain/ soreness from the day reminds me. 🙂

My teacher reminded us of the fact that as dancers we do unnatural things every day. In order to have our bodies cooperate and be happy we must take care of them.

  1.  Stretch
  2. Ice
  3. Roll out
  4. Take Epson Salt baths
  5. Use heat when needed

These basic things should be a routine for dancers especially maintaining a rigorous schedule. We should also be cross training, maintaining a healthy diet, and keeping a corrections notebook.   I’ll be the first to confess that I don’t do all of those every single day.  There are so many reasons that I can give you for not doing this daily maintenance. School, rehearsals, being tired,  extreme lack of organization etc. The pointe ( sorry I couldn’t help myself with the spelling, this is a dance/food blog after all.)  is that I need to do a much better job of making this into a routine.    I think the following pictures below demonstrate  how our bodies feel before and after we do our daily maintenance. 🙂

grumpy baby              happy girl stretching                       happy dancing tot

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  1. This is a great post, and a wonderful reminder! Our instructor really had a great point, and many dancers fail to realize the importance of this crucial routine! Ever since she has told us this, I have been working harder to do these things every night, and it has been helping me so much already! I have created a schedule to help space my time accordingly, that way I make sure that I do have time for everything…

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