Well, (gulp)  I am alive! Just in case you were wondering why I dropped off the face of the blogging planet for two weeks. It’s bad, I know, my apologies dear readers!

Ok, the last time I gave you an update on my summer intensive was week three.  CPYB’s amazing five  summer intensive ended about one week ago.  That means I have some catching up to do in my posts! So without further ado, let me begin.

Week Four

Week four definitely had it’s ups and downs.  This is the juncture in time where you finally realize how exhausted you are and the hours-upon-hours of ballet start to catch up with your body.  This part of the program was challenging for me because of old injuries and newly discovered aches and pains. However, this week really helped teach endurance and perseverance.

On the other hand, this is the week that everything starts to come together and you start to REALLY  dance. Even though you are beyond tired, you start to see some great progress. This summer program is one that stresses you work in the trenches of good technique, constantly drilling that you do what is  correct.  It’s the best feeling ever knowing you are doing things correctly and enjoying it.

For example, my studio teachers know exactly how I feel about doing petite allegro which is shocking since I never let my facial expressions communicate my dislike of jumps :-). Much to my surprise during my summer classes, I enjoyed jumps. It was such a pleasant feeling to be in the air instead of on the dance floor. I realized that instead of looking at them as this tedious, panic inducing exercise, they were actually fun puzzles to be solved.  My studio teachers tried to get that through my head all year but it just finally clicked.(PTL)

Week 5

This is probably the best week of the whole program, even though it’s bittersweet. This special time opens up so many possibilities! The culmination of five weeks of hard work comes together to create such a wonderful feeling of accomplishment! Yes, it was brutally hard, but in the end beauty results. Ballet gives you such a good sense of what hard work does for anything in life

During the classes, you finally realize what you now can do! At the beginning of the program everyone was struggling a bit, but by the end everyone becomes technically stronger than they were before.  It’s hard to describe this fifth week but suffice to say, it was great.   The training wheels are finally off and we get to see what we gained and improved.

Although leaving my happy place in Carlisle PA was hard, (because dancing ballet ALL day, everyday, is just the best feeling ever) I am really looking forward to dancing again at my home studio.  The neat thing about summer intensives is that whatever you learn during those weeks, you then can come back home and implement in your dancing.  This past season at my studio helped me improve so much as a dancer I’m excited to see what another year will do.

I have two more posts about my summer in PA that I’m planning on sharing with you guys soon . After that, I promise that my blog will go back to normal, whatever that is. :-).






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