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Whew…( exhales deeply and dabs forehead) what a week! This second week here at CPYB had so many great moments and I’m at a loss,yet again, on where to begin.

1. I had the coolest teacher:

Yes, I really had the coolest teacher at summer intensives. I had Deborah Wingert. She trained at CPYB until she was selected by George Balanchine (yes, the one and only!) to join SAB at age sixteen. Now, she is one of the select few who are part of the George Balanchine trust that can stage his works. She teaches all over the country and I got the blessing of having two wonderful classes with her.

2. Why I loved Miss Wingert: 

Ok, first of all, she could/should be a ballet motivational speaker. She was the most encouraging, happy, and inspiring teacher. I was thrilled with her stories of what “Mr. B.” ( Balanchine) taught her. I think some of my favorite lessons were the following:

1. Always push the music to it’s limit. Feel the thrill of almost being late, live in the music!

2. Your muscles are like a sauce. They need simmering time in order to really be delicious!

I also loved how she was a Balanchine girl, but she still stressed pure technique.  During one class she talked about how ballet is easily recognizable, you can see a ballerina and say “oh shes dancing ballet.” She then went on to say how Mr. B, changed all of that. He made it so that you had to pause and ask yourself ” Is that really ballet?” and that’s why his works are so special. However, she stressed that we must always maintain that clarity that makes ballet so unique.

Secondly, she constantly compared ballet to food. How awesome is it to have a teacher who talks  about the caramel ice cream she just ate inside a pretzel cone during your barre? I was in foodie ballerina heaven!

3. I had some really great moments during class:

Yes, I know, I have gone on and on about this teacher. However, I’ve had other really great teachers at this program and I will be blogging about them soon. I’ve also had some mini-victories in class. It’s so wonderful when you have that moment when you realize that you can actually beat you legs in the air during jumps correctly and that even though you are exhausted you are having a blast. It’s wonderful when you see all your hard work paying off and you walk out of class knowing that you are better now than you were that morning. Or, when you get to fly through the air during grande allegro and you know that you did it well. Moments like the above make all the hard work, energy, blood, sweat and tears worth it!


4. I got to see the Harrisburg Symphony:

Carlisle has this really great thing called Summer Fair and one night each summer the Harrisburg Symphony comes and plays at an outdoor free concert. Hundreds of people set up lawn chairs and tables last night to hear them play.   They played patriotic songs, classic American songs and a Star Wars Melody!  There was an ice cream and a pop corn stand. It was such a wonderful evening, spent with great people and it really felt like “summer.”

symphony pic

5. I’m back at baking:

Right now, I’m delighted to say that I’m in the process of making a blueberry, strawberry, and peach slab pie for the 4th of July! I’m thrilled to be back at baking and I’m definitely writing about this pie soon!

So, happy 4th of July, my dear readers! Hope you have a wonderful week and are really taking advantage of summer. Let me know in the comments below what you’ve been up to! Thanks so much for reading.


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