Sometimes, its harder to write a blog post and today is one of those times.  I had a blog post planned out for today, but I didn’t have enough writing inspiration to create a really good post that I liked. So, I decided to share some things that I have been reading, listening, and  salivating over. Enjoy

 A Million Years Ago–   I have been listening to this song all week, imagining choreography, costumes, lighting and just being caught up in the sadness of this song!  

Lemon Pie    My mom sent me this recipe on ” Pie Day”. Ever since I have been dreaming of biting into this tangy and creamy pie. I plan on making it this weekend.

Don’t Be Discouraged by Failure My good friend Emma from Creative Explorations wrote this encouraging post, that  blessed me on Wednesday.   The image at the top of this post is from her blog post on failure just to give you a preview.:-) It was really nice knowing that someone else can relate to the huge learning curb that comes with starting a blog.  Please go and support her blog, it will be worth your while!

Have a great weekend!

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    • I made the pie this weekend and it was so good! It was truly my pleasure mentioning your blog. I really enjoy reading it, and it inspires me a lot. You are such a good writer and I want your blog to succeed!

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