Performances are a wonderful thing. They are a time to showcase everything that you have worked so hard for, and a time to just be happy because you get to be on stage. Unfortunately they aren’t always as easy or as care free as we could make them.  I experienced some of these performance difficulties this past weekend, and I’m sure most dancers can relate to at least some of these performance mishaps.

  • Not being entirely comfortable or together on the choreography

This is not a good feeling, but we have all had it.    Make sure you talk to your fellow cast members and review the piece as  much as possible.  Even something as simple, as picking one particular object to spot on a turn   section  can make a huge difference in your performance and your uniformity.

  • Having a quick change and losing one of your costume pieces

This happened to me this weekend. I had a headpiece that went along with my costume, and when I went to change, it was gone. During dress rehearsal I was late on getting on to the stage because of that mishap.   So here is what you can learn from my mistake. First, if you lose a costume piece, try your very best not to panic. 🙂 Secondly, see if any one has an extra. If they don’t make sure to get your priorities straight. Its much better to be on stage, on time without that final headpiece than to be late and have all the right pieces. Finally,  if you know that you have a costume piece that can easily be lost, make sure to put it into an easy to access, safe place before your show starts. Trust me, you will be glad that you did!

  • Having a quick change into a costume you can’t get on by yourself ( eg. a tutu)

This type of quick change can be stressful, if not handled properly. Before the show, make sure to find a person who can help you, and plan out your quick change with them.  If you do so, life will be a lot easier and you won’t be running around the dressing room desperately trying to find someone to help you in an unbuttoned costume.

  • Falling flat on your face

This is probably one of the worst things that can happen during a performance. There isn’t much you can do except pop up, and keep going….Unless you really hurt yourself. The people who get back up, and still keep in time with the music impress me the most. They are truly professional!

  • Having your false eyelashes come off

This is not fun, at all. There isn’t much you can do except try to find a really good eyelash glue. If you do find a good glue, remember that it won’t come off for a couple of days. 🙂


With so many things that can go wrong, it’s easy to want to panic before a performance. However, never forget all the joy that goes along with performing. Remember that feeling of nailing a turn combo, of the audience clapping and of that moment when you get into the music and forget about your audience. Remember how much you love to dance, and remember how wonderful it feels to be in a theater, and backstage.  Never forget how much you love performing and  never take for granted any moment in time that you get to do what you love!

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Here are some pictures from this weekend’s performance of Cinderella!



theater pic                               cinderella black and white (2)

maysa pic

The last two pictures are with my friend and fellow blogger, Maysa!

2 comments on “Performances”

  1. Thank you Sophia! 🙂 I love performing because it brings me such a great feeling to dance onstage in front of a big audience, and I really get to express and become the character that I was given. On the other hand, I think one of the hardest challenges that I was faced with this weekend was makeup changes! I found it difficult and stressful to change performance makeup in five min. 😀 However, it was such a great show and I had such a wonderful time performing with you all. Thank you all so much for making this Cinderella weekend so magical!

    • Thanks for commenting Maysa! I loved performing with you. I would have to agree with you that makeup as well as hair changes can be stressful. We pulled through however, and it was a great show!:-)

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