Omelettes, are wonderful. They are so simple to make and are basically blank canvases for whatever your heart desires.  I like them so many ways, but below are my favorite fillings. Remember, to relax when it comes time to do the dreaded folding, it will all work out!

Listed in order from left to right are my favorite ingredients as well as the necessary ones.


  • cheddar cheese
  • green onions
  • mushroomsIMG_2436
  • eggs ( of course)
  • olives
  • sweet peppers
  • spinach
  • sliced white onion.


Everything on that list is pretty much interchangeable besides the eggs. It’s kind of hard to make an omelette without them.  🙂 I decrease the amount of vegetables based on  how many people, I’m cooking for. That’s whats nice about omelettes, they are so flexible!  After I pick out what I want in my omelette, I slice, dice or chop everything as needed.  Then I saute everything in salted butter. The following picture on the left  is what it looks like aftIMG_2441er having been sauteed.

Almost all the work is done by now.  Beat the eggs with a little water, salt and pepper,  and pour about a 1/4 of a cup into your pan that’s been coated with non stick spray and heated on a low flame.  If you have a larger pan than you might what to use more egg. Swirl it around, to make sure you have any even layer and let it start to firm up. Resist the urge to mess with it!

As soon as it starts firming, place your cheese and your filling inside. Check to see is you can lift one side with your spatula,if so fold it over and let it stay on for about 30 more seconds.   Finally, gently let it slide ( with the help of your spatula) out of the pan and on to your plate.  Take a deep breath, and enjoy!

Below is a link that demonstrates how to make an omelette. I do things a little differently than the guy in the video does when it comes to the cooking part, because I prefer a thinner omelette.  However, both are good methods! Let me know in the comments below, whether you prefer a really thin omelette that is more dry  or a fluffy one!  How to make an omlette



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