This weekend is Mother’s day, as I’m sure you already know. So for this Friday’s Inspiration post I choose my Mom. I wanted to take the time to tell her a couple things before the craziness of a show weekend sets in. ( Yes, my mom will be at a dance event Mother’s Day weekend)

My mom is a special person.  I want to tell you about the kind of mom she is in the following post. Honestly I’m pretty sure that this won’t fully tell you all about her, but it should at least give you an idea.

First off  she sacrificed her time to home school me, which in itself is a huge challenge and has required a lot of patience and prayer on her part. 🙂  When I was little she read countless books aloud to me, she somehow managed to cook while holding me in one arm, she even let me pick out menus for holidays. I feel bad now knowing how much work it actually is to cook the multitude of gourmet dishes I selected.  As I got older she started teaching me how to cook. She was patient even when I dropped eggs on the floor, she ate my sauteed sorel mush, and my over cooked steak.   She pretended not to notice the pancake batter drizzled between the stove top and the counter that had dried up,  or the fact that my homemade syrup was black and stuck to the pot.  My mom let me experiment with new foods, and learn how to cook new dishes “by myself”.

My mom has always been one for organics, gardening, and all natural.   She has been anti junk food, and  GMO foods  just as long. 🙂  If anyone has questions about what kind of foods are healthy for them, they come to her.  If they have a big dinner coming up and need recipes they come to her. Did I mention she is an amazing cook?

She has saved every card that I have ever made her, and kept many of my pictures. My mom still has the first pot holder I ever crocheted and my stained glass mason jar candle, along with my paper Chinese lantern, and pressed flowers.  She let me bring her weeds and put them in vases even though she has horrible allergies, when I was little.

When I went through my crochet crazy stage she made countless trips to Hobby Lobby to get me new yarn, for my latest projects. She even went out wearing my misshapen scarves that I attempted to knit for her.   When I wanted to sew she helped me and by help I mean she made my Eiffel tower/Paris themed dress.  When I went through my fashion designer stage and got a new room she spent hours at Hobby Lobby looking for a Couture Magazine Print that was modest, so I could put it up on my wall.   When I decided that I wanted to be a writer  she got me notebooks, pens and my very own challigraphy set.

Recently she  spent 5 weeks in a small rental house in PA just so I wouldn’t have to be by my self when I went to my ballet summer intensive. She has spent countless hours sitting in uncomfortable plastic fold out chairs during parent viewing week at my dance studio.

My mom (along with my dad) is always there for me.   When I’m sad she comforts me, when I’m mad she lets me be mad and work through it.   When I’m happy she feels happy too.   She supports me and my dreams, and when others don’t she gives them a piece of her mind. 🙂

My mom is my best friend, and I know I can always count on her to be there for me.   She is kind, loving, nurturing, funny, witty, smart, strong, courageous, supportive and over all just awesome!   Her job as my mom is NOT easy, but she is a pro at it, after 16 years.

This weekend think about your mother, and tell her how much you love her! Let me know in the comments below what your favorite memory with your mom is, and why you love her.   Happy Mother’s Day and thanks for reading!



2 comments on “My Mom-Friday Inspiration”

  1. This is such a wonderful, heartwarming post! It was so nice to create this just for your mother; I am certain that she really enjoyed reading this… I loved this post so much.

  2. Oh, Sophia! You forgot to mention that I cry at the drop of a hat and this post has me trying to hold back the tears of gratitude I have that G-d blessed me with you and Nathaniel. I love you!

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