Hello! How is your week? Please tell me about it in the comments below. As for my week, it’s great so far.  Dance at my studio resumed after a short break between the end of summer intensives and the new school year.  I’m loving every minute of it!

Before moving forward, I’m keeping my promise to share my favorite places in Carlisle, PA. This way, if you ever decide to spend your summer in this charming town, you will have a handy guide. 🙂

Issei Noodles:




Yes! I know, right?  Are you drooling over the giant bowls and plates of beef and noodles, too?  The only word I can think of to sum up how I feel about this place is “awesome.”  If you are a hungry summer student who just wants a large portion of excellent food, this place is for you!  Did I mention the fact that this place has the best iced coffee in Carlisle?  I could drink gallons of it because it’s just so good! If you have never heard of Vietnamese Coffee then you should read my post on it. That way when you go visit this place you’ll be an expert! By the way, my favorite item on the menu is probably the Beef Pho. I’m convinced that it really doesn’t get much better than a giant bowl of home made, flavorful broth, thinly sliced steak, and rice noodles.

Helene’s Crepe Shop:

IMG_3291 IMG_3165

Helene’s Crepe Shop is wonderful if you would like a light meal, or yummy dessert to share with friends. It has a pleasant and friendly atmosphere, along with a bright view of downtown Carlisle. Also, if you are anything like me and adore macaroons this is THE place for them. Although its a bit pricey for each macaroon it’s SO WORTH IT!  I highly encourage you to get a lemon, or an espresso, or a chocolate, or…actually just go ahead and try all of them while you are at it. It’s not likely you will regret your decision!

Harmony Yarn:



When I first walked into this store, I was a bit taken aback by the rock music that was loudly playing.  One doesn’t usually associate hard rock with yarn…:-) However, once I got over my surprise I was in crochet/knitting euphoria. All the good quality, beautifully hued yarn was arranged in picture worthy displays!  Make sure to stop by here!

Leo’s Homemade Ice Cream:


If you have had a frustrating, horrible, exhausting day the ice cream here will make everything better.  If you had a great day visit here to celebrate. In fact you don’t need a reason to go to Leo’s Ice Cream ( aka. my happy place.)! I’ve had a lot of experience in the ice cream field over my last 16 years. This place makes some of the best! My favorite flavors are “Raspberry with Dark Chocolate Raspberry Cups”, “Salted Caramel”, “Chocolate Salted Caramel”, “Espresso Fudge”, and “Peach”. I implore you to go here, even if it’s the only place you visit ( besides CPYB) in Carlisle PA.

Together we have reached the  finale to my summer intensive series! Thank you for coming with me on this adventure. I look forward to sharing many more with you.  Make sure to let me know in the comments below what you thought about this series and how your summer went!

ps. I recently switched to a new email campaign. In order for the RSS feed to work it sends out multiple posts  in one email.  So, I apologize for the overload in one email. The good news is that you can catch up juuust in case you missed a something! 🙂

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  1. Hi Sophia! I loved how you posted about your intensive and the things that you learned from the program. It was so interesting to read and follow your journey through the summer! I will definitely go to “Leo’s Homemade Ice Cream” next time I go to Carlisle, PA. I love sweets and there is nothing better than ice cream on a hot summer day, (especially because it is the best in town!)

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