All Things Ballet

Tutus, pointe shoes, stage lights and practice. Such is the life of a student of ballet!


Performances are a wonderful thing. They are a time to showcase everything that you have worked so hard for, and a time to just be happy because you get to be on stage. Unfortunately they aren’t always as easy or as care free as we could make them.  I experienced some of these performance difficulties […] Read more…

Live from PNB

Today, I’m very excited, for PNB’s live stream of their latest work that happens today at 5:30! This will be a glimpse into their rehearsals before they go on tour, and is sure to be excellent. The fact that more and more ballet events are live streaming is great and makes me so very happy. […] Read more…

What’s the Pointe?

A couple of months ago, my teacher gave us the assignment to try our hand at poetry for our creative writing class.  I wrote one poem that rhymed pretty well, but it sounded really forced.  Then I started thinking about why I dance, what it means to me and why I love it.  I started […] Read more…

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