Well, I’m officially off to my second summer intensive ever and this year I’m returning to Central Pennsylvania Youth Ballet (CPYB).   I have packed, repacked and (almost) remembered everything I need. 🙂  This is beyond thrilling and I can’t wait to get started and see what this summer holds.

My plan is to blog about my experiences and adventures while here.  There will be posts about the lessons I’m learning while in class (did I mention 25 hours or so of ballet per week?), the teachers instructing us,  and whatever other ballet exploits I am blessed to experience. There will also be posts about the restaurants, Carlisle history and fun facts, the downtown Farmers Market, Leo’s ice cream shop (so excited about this) and about the best grocery store I have been to, yet, ” Wegmans.” Perhaps, these posts may even encourage you to choose CPYB next year, if you haven’t already found a favorite place.

Tomorrow is registration, orientation, a welcome luncheon, and finally, the incredible June Series performance. Last year, I was in awe at the amount of talent every single one of their dancers possessed.  The CPYB students had such clean and beautiful technique and performed each one of their pieces wonderfully.  Can’t wait for the June Series this year. How cool to get to see and support dancers I met last year.

On Sunday morning, there is a placement class and that evening the levels are posted and schedules are sent out.  First class begins Monday morning – official start of summer intensives!  Hooray!  Enjoy the rest of your weekend. #CPYBSummer

Let me know where you are spending your summer and what you are looking forward to the most in the comments below. 

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