This glorious fall day marks my parents 25th anniversary. Twenty five years ago today they both said, “I do” and have never left each other’s sides. This anniversary is quite the accomplishment and something to be celebrated!   In honor of their special day I’d like to share 25 thoughts about their time and relationship together.

  1. My parents have never quit when the going gets tough 
  2. My parents are loyal 
  3. They love each other fiercely 
  4. They have managed to raise two awesome kids
  5. Both of them make fantastic parents
  6. Their relationship has been based on their love for the Lord
  7. They are each other’s best friends.
  8. Their strong personalities make them equally “yoked” 
  9. They have taught us what love looks like and what to look for in a spouse
  10. They always tell each other the truth
  11. Their relationship is built on trust
  12. There is joy in our house because of their love for each other.
  13. They are always there for one another no matter what
  14. They are a team
  15. My dad is SO blessed by my mothers amazing cooking
  16. My dad is the most multi talented, can-do-anything person ever
  17. They are an example to young couples
  18. Family dinners are never boring, especially holidays dinners
  19. Together they can do anything
  20. They support their kids unconditionally 
  21. For twenty five years they have grown together spiritually and emotionally
  22. They have made our house a home
  23. I’m pretty sure they communicate telepathically =] 
  24. There has to be some secret code between them
  25. They have weathered many storms but always come out stronger on the other side

Happy anniversary mom and dad!

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  1. What a testimony of love, perseverance, family focused living, and G-d’s presence here on earth. You all are an amazing family and great blessing to know and love !!

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